Revealed: The Real Reason Fernando Alonso Never Teamed Up with Max Verstappen at Red Bull

Fernando Alonso was never signed by Red Bull despite discussions with the team, as Helmut Marko doesn’t think he could have worked well with him.

Fernando Alonso has had multiple conversations with Red Bull in the past; the most recent is believed to have occurred earlier this year, prior to him deciding to commit his future to Aston Martin.

Fernando Alonso - F1 Driver for Aston Martin

“There have been discussions, however…”

However, the Alonso-Verstappen partnership never happened, despite the Spaniard revealing that at least one round of talks even included Adrian Newey in the discussion.

Indeed, it never will, Marko asserts.

Marko told’s YouTube channel: “Well, there have been conversations. But as I mentioned before, a harmonious work environment is very important to Max and I think that probably would not have been the case with Alonso.”

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Because of their stark differences in temperament, he simply does not see the double world champion and Red Bull’s triple world champion getting along well.

“No, I think it would be very difficult for a team,” said the motorsport advisor. “Alonso would be the oldest World Champion on the team, Max the youngest, and they are generations apart.

“I don’t think Alonso does sim racing or gets into a simulator on a plane right after a Grand Prix. So they are two opposite personalities, both very good drivers and also personalities.

El fichaje de Fernando Alonso por Red Bull, al descubierto - Estadio  Deportivo

“But when it comes to seeing who is faster neither of them are very modest. And it would be very, very difficult for a team to take that in a positive direction.”

Was Fernando Alonso unsure that Red Bull will prevail?In the pre-Verstappen era, Alonso likewise lost out on opportunities, according to Marko, who stated the driver didn’t think Red Bull had what it took to win championships.

With more to coming this season, the team currently holds seven Drivers’ Championship championships and six Constructors’ crowns.

He went on, “Well, we were talking to Alonso back when Red Bull Racing was just getting started.” “I don’t think he believed we could produce vehicles competitive enough to win world championships.” And that was unsuccessful.

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When Alonso pledged his allegiance to Aston Martin in April, he was questioned about his alleged discussions with Red Bull during which he was purportedly mentioned as a potential replacement for Verstappen should the Dutchman decide to join Mercedes or as a potential replacement for Sergio Perez.

He declined to provide the identities of the teams’ conversants.

“I had conversations with other individuals as well,” he said to “I think it’s normal to need to slightly balance what the market is when you go into talks.

You must pay attention to what other people have to say. It’s simply standard procedure, so in my opinion, it’s reasonable to hear out each proposition and watch how the market develops. I’m not sure, but I always thought that going with Aston would make sense.

“I won’t be specific about which teams I spoke with because I don’t think this is important right now,” he continued.

“But yes, it’s a typical conversation to have. Teams do the same when they’re looking for a driver; they approach everyone to find out about their position and contract status, even if they’re not particularly interested. It’s the same with me, but there are no specific goals, so Aston was our top priority.”