Aston Martin F1 Upgrades Deemed ‘Not Good Enough’ to Match Rivals

Aston Martin F1 Concerns Over Upgrade Effectiveness

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Aston Martin Formula 1 driver Lance Stroll expressed doubts regarding the impact of the team’s recent upgrades at Imola, fearing they might not be sufficient to keep pace with rivals, particularly behind Red Bull.

Amidst McLaren’s early update deployment in Miami, several teams, including Aston and Ferrari, have timed their significant upgrade push for this weekend’s Imola race.

Aston’s Imola specification encompasses a revamped floor, alongside a new front wing and diffuser, forming part of an “aggressive” in-season development strategy outlined by technical director Dan Fallows aimed at enhancing the car’s adaptability to various circuits.

Just not good enough' - Lance Stroll laments upgraded Aston Martin

However, following Imola qualifying, Stroll voiced concerns about the adequacy of the upgrades, as evidenced by his 13th-place qualification, trailing Daniel Ricciardo’s RB by three tenths in 10th position.

Meanwhile, teammate Fernando Alonso faced challenges, securing 19th place after his team grappled with repairing his AMR24 post a FP3 crash.

Stroll lamented the performance shortfall: “Just not the day or the weekend we were hoping for with the upgrades we brought, not competitive enough. I think everything was working, it’s just not good enough, so we keep pushing.”

Highlighting the ongoing competitive struggle, Stroll emphasized the necessity for substantial enhancements to bridge the gap with teams further up the grid, pinpointing deficiencies in downforce, balance, and behavioral aspects persisting throughout the season.

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Alonso, elucidating on his qualifying setback, attributed his early-session lap time to carrying fuel for multiple laps during Q1, leading to a weight disadvantage when setting his fastest time. Additionally, an unidentified issue necessitated a pit stop, thwarting attempts at improvement later in the session.

Expressing regret for the misfortune, Alonso empathized with the mechanics, acknowledging their commendable efforts amidst a challenging day.

In the demanding realm of Formula 1, the pursuit of enhanced performance remains paramount, with Aston Martin and its drivers resolved to address deficiencies and strive for competitive breakthroughs in the races ahead.