8 YEARS: Jurgen Klopp appeared alone at Anfield before leaving Liverpool to farewell the best stadium where he used to work for 8 years

Klopp felt “exhausted” after 9 years of friendship, so he bid farewell to the Kop midway through the season. This is startling news for the Merseyside team. Klopp’s reign has seen him become Liverpool’s best Premier League manager, winning everything he could, including the Champions League in 2019, and bringing the Premier League era to a close. Their 30-year title drought ended a year later.

Jurgen Klopp appeared alone at Anfield before his farewell to Liverpool 462700Jurgen Klopp appeared at Anfield alone. Photo: X

A fan recorded the moment Klopp stood silently in the Anfield stands looking down at the field. He also stood in the center circle to sаy goodbye to the field, and also to record farewell videos for the fans.

According to Liverpool’s youth academy coach, Klopp came to the field alone first to sаy goodbye to Anfield, then invited members of the board of directors and coaching staff to the field to thank him for supporting him for 9 years. bunch of.

design-ke-sour-co-ten-5-1715741726.jpgJurgen Klopp and members of the board of directors at Anfield. Photo: X

Jurgen Klopp came to Liverpool from October 8, 2015. At an enthusiastic age with a modern and speedy playing style, he turned Liverpool back into a major force in European football. They won the Champions League, along with the achievement of ending Manchester City’s domestic dominance with an admirable Premier League championship.Liverpool was originally a candidate to win the Premier League this season, but entering the final stage, they appeared out of breath and lacked decisiveness. Klopp and his team have been surpassed by Arsenal and Manchester City and now the Premier League will only be a two-horse race, not a three-horse race like at the beginning of the season. The Kop fans were very regretful even though at the beginning of the season they were flying very high and got important points.

downloaderla-6644224405189-1715741765.jpgThe Premier League championship broke Man City’s dominance. Photo: X

The German coach appeared emotional as he was applauded by rival fans at Villa Park in his final away game in Liverpool’s 3-3 draw with Aston Villa. “I know this is the last time, I just don’t feel like it,” Klopp told  reporters after the match.