Ja Morant shows off his mansion and the mansion he bought his parents, right next door

The breathtaking Ja Morant House is nestled in the picturesque Tennessee mountains. NBA player Ja Morant bought this 13,000-square-foot estate in 2022 for $3.05 million; it’s a basketball lover’s dream home.

Ja Morant's RICH Lifestyle is Different..
A rising star in the NBA, Ja Morant is renowned for his explosive playmaking and gravity-defying dunks. Having been selected by the Memphis Grizzlies second overall in the 2019 NBA Draft, 23-year-old Morant has already made waves in the league. Due to his recent on-court performance, he recently inked a five-year, $193 million deal extension with the Grizzlies. Ja Morant now has an estimated $50 million in net worth as a result of this.

Ja Morant shows off his mansion and the mansion he bought his parents,  right next door - video Dailymotion
Let’s explore each gorgeous room and find out exactly why the opulent Ja Morant House is a sure thing.

Ja Morant Residence

Situated on 6.5 private acres, the Ja Morant House provides ample seclusion and peace. The 13,000 square foot mansion, which was purchased for $3.05 million, is filled with amenities. A few standouts are:

Ja Morant's $3 Million House
Characteristics of the Property

Living Room: Generous in size and tastefully designed to host guests

10 bathrooms and 7 bedrooms: Luxury residence with lots of space for visitors

High-end appliances and a fully furnished chef’s kitchen characterize this contemporary kitchen.

Allotted Movie Theater: For personal presentations and movie evenings at home

Swimming Pool: A resort-style pool encircled by immaculate lawns

Basketball Court: Full-size court for professional-level practice shots

The Ja Morant House offers everything an NBA player might want in a home, from the opulent interiors to the resort-like exteriors. Let’s now examine in more detail each component that contributes to this amazing land.

Inside Ja Morant's $3 million mansion, with photos
The Living Room

The living room of the Ja Morant House is its dazzling focal point. This area was created with everyday relaxation and entertaining in mind. An full wall of windows lets in a plenty of natural light, and the room seems spacious and open thanks to the high 16-foot ceilings. The living area is decorated in a minimalist style, which combines attractive clean lines and muted colors. A gorgeous stone fireplace serves as a focal point, and tufted couches provide a sophisticated area to relax. Modern mid-century armchairs complete the look.

Design and Fashion

A calm, clutter-free atmosphere is produced by the minimalist design of the living area. The room feels light and airy because of the neutral color palette. Even though the entire space has a minimalist design, luxurious pieces like the sectional sofas lend the space an air of sophistication.

Practicality and Coziness

The living room at Ja Morant House provides exceptional comfort thanks to its generously padded seats and roomy layout. This living area works wonderfully for both casual lounging and hosting parties. Luxurious surroundings are provided for guests, however there is still space for small-group interactions or private chat rooms.Inside Ja Morant's $3 million mansion, with photos

Restrooms and Bedrooms

There is plenty of space for him, visitors, and future family growth with seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms spread over two stories just beyond the living area. The bathrooms are luxurious havens with top-notch finishes, and the bedrooms are havens of relaxation and luxury.

sleeping rooms

First, let’s talk about the lavish master suite on the main floor. Ja Morant’s bedroom has a large California King bed, a fireplace, and a sitting area. Connected is a stunning ensuite bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower and soaker tub. Each of the remaining bedrooms offers an experience worthy of a hotel, carrying on the theme of lavishness. Bunk beds and eye-catching wallpaper that will surely excite little ones are included in one kids’ bedroom suite.

Design and Fashion

From floor to ceiling, the bedrooms of Ja Morant House showcase opulent embellishments. The rooms’ regal look is attributed to their plush carpets, richly colored upholstered headboards, and gilded light fittings. The master suite chooses a more sophisticated and peaceful setting, yet some children’s rooms permit bright flashes of color. Every bedroom has a separate sitting space, some of which have cozy nooks or fireplaces. This makes the private spaces comfortable and stylish.

Practicality and Coziness

Cozying up in the luxurious bedding of the Ja Morant House bedrooms makes it effortless to nod asleep. Thick mattresses with padded toppers encourage deep, restful sleep, while custom-upholstered headboards offer the best back support. Walk-in closets, conveniently located bathrooms, and entertainment units are all features of each bedroom. Dreamy, cozy getaways are created by its functionality combined with the luxurious décor.


Moving on, the ten bathrooms offer opulence befitting of a hotel. These bathrooms have jetted soaker tubs, showers with stone cladding, and custom tilework, to name a few features. With a glass shower for two with a rainfall showerhead, two vanities with marble countertops, and a standalone tub, the master bathroom really kicks it up a notch.

Design and Fashion

Ja Morant wanted the bathrooms in the house to be sophisticated with a contemporary twist. The natural veining seen in marble and travertine can be the main attraction when color schemes are kept neutral. The sleek yet cozy style is maintained by modern faucets and light fixtures. When paired with some of the colder stone choices, custom wood cabinetry adds a classy touch. The bathrooms offer polished, modern luxury all around.

Practicality and Coziness

The restrooms at Ja Morant’s House have relaxation down to an exact science. Soaker and jetted tubs soothe away soreness from the game day, while rainfall shower heads offer unmatched relaxation. Premium fixtures complement travertine and marble surfaces, making getting ready in the morning feel like a trip to the spa. With ten luxurious spaces over two floors for bathrooms, there’s always somewhere opulent to unwind or indulge.

contemporary kitchen

The chef’s kitchen, fitted up for a professional athlete, is located in the center of the house. Modern appliances, a large work island, and quartz countertops allow Morant plenty of space to prepare wholesome, performance-driven meals.

An explanation

A long wall separates the gourmet kitchen from the dining and living areas, creating a seamless transition. Grounding the room is achieved with striking black quartz counters atop crisp white cabinetry. Exquisite Wolf and SubZero stainless steel appliances surround the perimeter, enabling cooking akin to that of a restaurant. Morant can prepare elaborate meals thanks to two ovens, a gas burner, and a long vent hood.

Design and Fashion

The modern kitchen at Ja Morant’s home effortlessly blends functionality and elegant design. The open ventilation and industrial-style light fixtures offer visual interest, and the clean, neutral color scheme feels airy and new. This kitchen chooses a modern minimalism that reflects Morant’s athletic lifestyle above elaborate frills that could come across as stuffy.

Practicality and Coziness

This kitchen is incredibly functional for an athlete, with top-notch appliances and plenty of prep and storage space. This extremely capable kitchen can make anything from protein-rich breakfasts to carb-heavy pre-game feasts. More space for chopping, food preparation, and informal dining is provided with an elongated work island.

Dedicated Theatre for Film

The movie theater within Morant’s home is ready for when he wants upscale entertainment without having to leave his expansive property. This area is comparable to a movie theater thanks to its opulent ten-seater seats, cutting-edge digital projector and screen, and advanced surround sound system.

An explanation

Concealed behind subdued doors is the unanticipated focal point of the Ja Morant residence – the private cinema. This room is made into a moody, ambiance-enhancing haven with a color scheme of royal purple and rich navy. Ten luxurious leather recliners with drink holders and footrests confront a large screen featuring loud surround sound speakers integrated into the walls, like to a movie theater. A classy, sophisticated atmosphere is created for watching movies by panel sconces and LED lighting.

Design and Fashion

Luxurious and melancholic, the private theater highlights elegance. In this room without windows, rich purple tones engulf visitors while dramatic cove lighting creates the ideal atmosphere. The movie theater-style chairs with integrated cup holders are the show stopper. For Morant’s maximum pleasure, this high-tech space combines elegance and state-of-the-art technology.

Practicality and Coziness

The Ja Morant House theater has been designed with the goal of providing the best possible user experience. With features like a 4K laser projector, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and HD streaming capabilities, the technology produces amazing cinematic images and sounds. Morant and visitors can unwind while totally engrossed in games or movies thanks to the fully reclining chairs. A really cinematic escape without having to leave your house is made possible by carefully chosen lighting.

Swimming Pool

An impressive above-ground pool creates the perfect outdoor haven. This resort-style pool provides a variety of options for leisure and enjoyment in a beautiful setting.

An explanation

A gorgeous swimming pool with slate-gray decking surrounds Ja Morant’s home’s rear. For convenient entry and exit from the sea, there is an entry staircase at the far end that slopes gently. A row of comfortable aquatic recliner loungers spans one length, providing an ideal spot for poolside tanning. The area is surrounded by mature trees that provide natural solitude and enhance the pool’s clean, modern design.

Design and Fashion

A contemporary, aesthetically beautiful setting is created around the pool area by utilizing a variety of hardscapes and materials. While the pool’s gray, neutral pavers provide a clean contrast, the concrete decking forms a seamless surround. A striking contrast to the surrounding natural environment is the vivid turquoise ocean. The space accomplishes attractive simplicity overall.

Practicality and Coziness

Everything about the pool is designed to make family members and visitors as happy as possible. Wading is possible because to the graduated entry, and swimming and water sports are possible in the deep end. Comfort is enhanced during sunny days spent lounging by the pool with poolside equipment like reclining lounge chairs arranged over the deck. This rear area offers outstanding convenience in a beautiful package, thanks to the pool house that houses storage and changing facilities.

Basketball court

Without a basketball court, what kind of mansion belonged to an NBA rising star? This crucial innovation, which lets Morant practice from home, was something he made sure to include.

Ja Morant’s basketball court is tucked away in a corner of the large backyard. The typical-sized concrete court is similar to the ones found in arenas and gymnasiums. A vintage metal hoop and backboard await spectacular slam dunks, while vibrant court lines identify important locations. Day or night, Morant can shoot baskets thanks to the stadium lighting.

Design and Fashion

The basketball court gives the backyard space an additional level of visual interest despite its straightforward design. Against the neutral concrete background, the striking, bold court lines provide a striking visual impact. The court’s location permits uninterrupted practice without interfering with other natural features.

Practicality and Coziness

Every basketball fan’s fantasy is to have a professional hoop and regulation-sized court right outside his back door. The court has enough space for Morant to play pick-up games with friends or teammates in addition to practicing alone and honing his mechanics. Rubber court surfacing provides the safe, cozy cushioning needed for consistent, high-intensity workouts and the kind of athletic play expected of a professional.

In conclusion

Beyond a simple home, the Ja Morant House is much more. Especially for Morant’s active lifestyle, this well-thought-out $3.05 million estate skillfully blends luxury, comfort, and utility. The expansive living area features special basketball court made just for NBA players like him, as well as standard luxuries like a private theater. However, adaptable communal areas such as the living room and backyard establish the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and entertaining. The Ja Morant House is a professional basketball player’s dream home, offering the perfect balance of seclusion, entertainment, and style. It is nestled on a private 6.5-acre land with picturesque views of the mountains.